Our team is made up of drivers, young people from all countries. We like to surround ourselves with different people, so Funky Cycle attracts people from all over the world, with dynamism and energy.

Piloted mostly by young students displaced to our city from different sources in the EU. Our service offers an alternative form of income to this social sector, combining time flexibility, quality of work for the environment in which it is developed and optimum physical training in the exercise of the activity.

An added attraction of this activity is the smooth communication with the user in several community languages ​​(minimum 2 or 3 community languages) that they must constantly practice in their travels interacting with the client.

They inform, guide and offer to the user information of interest of the collaborating establishments with the project of direct form, as well as of those places most demanded by the tourist: location, transfers to the door in the cases that exist scope within the established routes, Details of offers and exclusive promotions for our clients, agenda and / or program in the cases of Clubs, Discotheques, Theaters, conferences, conventions, etc.

All this managed in a personalized and direct way, so that our DRIVER becomes a point of personalized information of the event or service, in order to provide a concrete and faithful response to the needs of each person.


Our project includes a training to our drivers with data of the city, especially in those areas of action, extracted from the official guide of Barcelona. In this way, the customer can request a complete service and enjoy during the route detailed information about the area that is traveling, interesting data, architectural details, construction times, general history of the city, etc. The one that nowadays offer diverse means of digitized form, through guides or navigators in other tourist services, Funky Cycle offers it of a direct form, interacting with the client, solving doubts or questions that can arise during the route, orienting to the User and improving their knowledge about the city in any matter.

Do you want to be part of our team of drivers?

If you want to be part of a young and dynamic company, do not hesitate to contact us. Send us your CV and tell us why you want to become a FunkyCycle boy/girl!