Funky Cycle S.L. was born in Barcelona in 2007. We were one of the first companies to obtain authorization to conduct rickshaw tours around the city. From that moment we have the mission to offer a quality service to our customers.

We maintain close relationships with a group of companies that offer the same service in important cities such as London, Amsterdam, New York, Berlin or Paris.


We offer tourist tours in comfortable tricycles through the most active places in the city. We move through places where it is not always possible to access with conventional vehicles due to restrictions of large urban centers.

The idea is to offer an alternative of mobility for the city, in a simple, fun way and respectful with the environment.

The tours include areas of public, historical and architectural interest. Depending on the desired destination, a suitable proposal is prepared that combines the tourist interest of the area to be covered, the coexistence with the pedestrian, the circulation of conventional vehicles and, of course, all this coexisting with the use of bicycles tracks.

Our service is well received by various European administrations as an example of a company of sustainable work, thanks to its exclusive characteristics and its non-existent environmental impact. We also generate a type of employment that is very accessible for young people, thus favoring their social and labor integration.

The touristic rides in tricycle have great acceptance among the public of all ages and backgrounds, for short or medium range trips in their moments of leisure and / or entertainment.


Our vehicles are duly approved, with an optimum quality manufacturing standard, which allows the user to enjoy a pleasant ride in a comfortable and safe way.

We use electric motors for pedal assistance, which allows us to achieve a trip without annoying noises in an ecological, versatile and comfortable way.